Friday, July 13, 2018

"The Collapse of British Rule in Burma"

New from Bloomsbury Academic: The Collapse of British Rule in Burma: The Civilian Evacuation and Independence by Michael D. Leigh.

About the book, from the publisher:
In May 1942 colonial Burma was in a state of military, economic and constitutional collapse. Japanese forces controlled almost the whole country and thousands of evacuees were trapped in a huge area of no-man's-land in the north. They made their way to India through the so-called 'jungles of death', attempting to trek out of Burma amidst perilous conditions. Drawing on diverse and previously unpublished accounts, Michael D. Leigh analyses the experiences of evacuees in both Burma and India and critically examines the impact of evacuation on colonial and Burmese politics in the lead-up to independence in 1948. This study will be of particular interest to students and scholars of Burmese history, 20th-century imperialism and the global reach of the Second World War.
Michael D. Leigh is a Research Associate at SOAS, University of London, UK.

--Marshal Zeringue